ATTENTION: As a result of the current COVID19 pandemic the Delta School District has made the difficult decision to put all academies on hold for the 2020/2021 school year. We thank you for your patience as we have turned our attention to essential education and the navigation of a potential second wave this fall. This decision has not been made lightly as we put our focus on the priorities put forward by the Ministry of Education and attend to required curriculum. We are incredibly proud of our Academy Programs. They are a testament to our commitment of engaging learners through stimulating, relevant and inspiring educational experiences and we look forward to reinstating them for the 2021/2022 school year.


The  Performance Academy is a creative space where students develop their own original pieces of performance art while having unprecedented access to Vancouver’s biggest artistic hub:  Vancouver Opera.  Students gain exposure to, make connection with and learn through our professional relationship with Vancouver Opera.  It’s pretty wild.  No other Opera Company in North America has given this kind of open door policy to a high school district.  Composers, Singers, Actors, Set Designer, lighting Designers, Musicians…..  the list goes on and on!  Are we trying to turn kids into opera singers? Nope.  Unless THEY want to… then we are happy to connect them!  It’s a place to explore, discover, inquire and push the creative boundaries of performance.  (All for credits) (At School) (& yes… this counts for marks!) #DoWhatYouLove!


Are you a writer? Visual Artist? Musician? Actor? Singer? Builder? Designer? Composer? Do you want your voice to be heard in your community? Do you struggle every year to choose which Fine Art class to take because you love them all?! This double-blocked course appeals to students who want to develop themselves as a multi-disciplined performance artist. (All for credits) (At School) (& yes… this counts for marks!) #DoWhatYouLove!


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Vancouver Sun Article ~ Opera  & Performance Academy

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