We are pleased to welcome…

Delta’s Opera and Performance Academy is pleased to announce our new Teacher Coordinator:  Julianna Kato!

Julianna Kato quickly realized her love for music at a young age. Her first show was in “The Wizard of Oz” in grade 4. In addition to performing in her High School musicals, she joined the Jazz and Concert Choirs and Concert Band. At 16 she progressed on to private voice lessons where she was introduced to the “aria” and she knew she had to sing opera.

Julianna went on to UBC where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from UBC in 1999, majoring in Opera. The highlight of Julianna’s time at UBC was singing in Prague with the UBC Opera Ensemble. At UBC, Julianna found her other passion, Teaching, earning her Bachelor degrees in English and Education, in 2000.

Julianna was very fortunate to join Vancouver School Board’s Fine Arts Program at Nootka Elementary, in 2003. Both a classroom and music teacher, she brought her passion for opera to her students. In partnership with  Vancouver Opera, she engaged her students in the study of opera and creating their own operas. From brainstorming, to writing lyrics, composing melodies, singing, acting, designing costumes, painting backdrops, and deciding on lighting, her students did it all!

Besides teaching full time and starting a family, Julianna has stayed connected to local community theatre companies, performing with North Shore Light Opera Society, Theatre Under the Stars, Royal City Musical Theatre Company, and APPLAUSE! Musicals Society.

We are thrilled that Julianna has joined our team and cannot wait to see the creative works that are produced and explored under her leadership!

Welcome Mrs. Kato!

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